Body painting

BODY PAINTING Body painting Magritte inspirationFor this project I made a body painting by my favorite surrealist painter Renè Magritte.All that is present in the photograph was hand-painted except for…

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20’s make-up

20'S MAKE-UP 20's make-up Ziegfield Follies inspiration.For this project I made a make-up and hairstyle from the 1920s. The dress was entirely designed and sewn by me as well as…

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Human unicorn

HUMAN UNICORN This is a theater project that was supposed to represent a human unicorn.I built a structure made of paper and glue to make the headgear in the shape…

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Fashion make-up

FASHIONMAKE-UP Black and white shooting.This is a fashion project that had the distinction of being shot in black and white. I did a study on the colors before shooting to…

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Wedding make-up

WEDDINGMAKE-UP Corrective wedding makeup.I made this bridal makeup by studying the colors and shapes of the model's face, hair, eyes and lips in order to make the makeup harmonious.

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